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72" Direct Drive Mower

NEXT LEVEL MOWING Prime Attachment’s Direct Drive Mower brings brush mowing to the next level. With an open front design, this mower can take out trees up to 8″ in diameter without breaking a sweat. Built heavy with all grade 50 steel. The Prime Direct Drive Mower is equipped with a 417 LB flywheel, four free-spinning blades, and a double welded push bar, this mower is a lethal weapon in battle of the brush and trees. But don’t be fooled—even though this mower is capable of handling big trees,

HD Brush Mower

Weld-on push bar included (as pictured) Industry leading Omni Gearbox Flo Torq standard flow commercial-grade motor Rated for trees and saplings up to 3” in diameter Professionally spun stump jumper Industrial standard hardened blades Fully hand welded, commercial-grade decking Full length 3/8" runners on the bottom of the skids to drastically extend the life of the mower Extra 1/2" motor support & stabilizer Universal quick attach plate

Rock and Brush Grapple

Features Universal quick attach plate Bolt-on removable side plates Commercial-grade steel Reinforced outside tines Greaseable pivot points Visibility cut outs on grapple Optional bolt-on cylinder covers Specifications Common sizes: 62",68”,74",78" and 84" Spacing between tines: 3" Side plate width: 1/2" Steel tine width: 3/8" Grade 50 cutting edge: 1/2"

Pallet Forks

Features Adjustable widths with locking lever Professionally milled 1 1/4“ x 3” slider bars 4' & 5' carriage options 4’ & 5’ pallet fork options Mix/match sets available Universal quick attach plate Specifications Fork lengths: 48 and 60 inches Carriage width: 4 and 5 ft Load rating: 5,500 lbs

Snow Bucket

Features Reversible cutting edge for a much longer life span The bucket has a high volume for large moving capacity The bucket is constructed with 3/16" thick steel All come with 3/4" x 6" bolt-on reversible cutting edge Universal quick attach plate Specifications Dimensions on Snow Bucket: All are 36" High and 42" Deep All come with 3/4"x6" Bolt on Reversible Cutting Edges 8' Snow bucket holds 1.8 Cubic Yards Available in 6', 7', 8', 9, 10' Widths End Plate Thickness: 5/16" thick steel

Dual Clam Grapple

Features Universal quick attach plate Commercial-grade steel Greaseable pivot points High performance replaceable digging teeth Reinforced gusseted grapple tines Fully gusseted frame (top & bottom) Serrated teeth on clam portion of grapple to hold debris of all kinds Specifications Common Sizes: 66"; 74" and 82" 3/4" Grade 50 steel bottom tines 1/2" Grade 50 steel top tines Fully gusseted frame top and bottom Massive 51" opening to get the job done 2x 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders for bite


Features Four swing away blades per spindle Bidirectional motor / Bidirectional tine rotation Standard hydraulic flow (15-24 gallons per minute) Universal quick attach plate Specifications Width (till) 72", 84" Overall Width 90″, 102″ Depth 28″ Height 25″ Weight (lbs) 930, 1005 Spindles 11, 13 Required Hyd Flow 15-24 gpm Tine Rotation Bidirectional

Tree Puller Left

Features 4 full-length gussets Bolt-on removable cylinder cover Short and aggressive teeth pattern Remove trees up to 12” in diameter Optional bolt-on Debris Screen Optional bolt-on Push Bar Greaseable pivot points Universal quick attach plate Specifications Jaw opening: 17 inches Cylinder strength: 3,000 lbs Teeth size: 1/2 inch

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